Echoes from underground

echoes from underground

Why experience this event?

For all ages 12 and up

Friday, May 24 7:30 pm
Saturday, May 25 4 pm

Échos du sous-sol (Echoes from the Underground) is a show that takes the audience on a journey through cemeteries, asking questions about life, beliefs and filiation. What if the dead also needed to say something to the living?

Jean Genet once said: "The only place where a theater could be built is in a cemetery". Sometimes neglected today, cemeteries were once places of life. L'Atelier des possibles, a company that favors in-situ theater, has decided to take over the alleyways of tombs and turn them into a performance space. We follow in the footsteps of a woman who sets off in search of her dead, and on her journey comes across a philosophical cemetery janitor, a quiet grandmother and an overzealous civil servant. An immersive wanderer, Echoes from the Underground aims to lend an attentive ear between here below and the beyond.

Atelier des possibles (Finistère)

Co-produced by La Maison du Théâtre and the City of Brest as part of the national event Le Printemps des cimetières 2024.

1h / Lambézellec cemetery

Free with reservation (reduced capacity) - reservations open Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Main services

  • Free

Spoken language(s)

  • French
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  • From May 24, 2024 to May 25, 2024 at 19:30

Echoes from underground

Lambézellec Cemetery Rue Bouet
29200 Brest
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