Peter Pan

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peter pan

Why experience this event?

Peter Pan is a punk and baroque retelling of the famous story imagined by James Matthew Barrie, inviting the audience to a celebration of the imaginary in this wildly entertaining show.

Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow up and takes refuge in Neverland. The company takes on the darker side of the story: the one that sheds light on the great difficulty for some people, and perhaps more generally for our civilization, to enter adulthood. The artists bring Peter and Wendy's adventures to life on a set of light bulbs, mirrors, trunks, costumes and spotlights. The result is a colorful musical that gradually slips into illusion, the better to celebrate childhood and the power of imagination.

Théâtre Amer (Finistère)

Practical information:
Two performances
Thursday, December 14 7:30pm
Friday, December 15 7:30pm
Running time 1h15
Salle Le Stella
Ages 8 and up.

Spoken language(s)

  • French
(in €)
Base rate8€


  • From December 14, 2023 to December 15, 2023 at 19:30
Young audience - Theater

Peter Pan

Le Stella / La Maison du Théâtre 12 Rue Claude Goasdoué
29200 Brest
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