Soleil vert - Ensemble Matheus - Concert

Concert - Classical music - Show
07-05 Matheus
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The Pastoral Symphony and global warming

After Vivaldi's Four Seasons, here's Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony revisited in the light of global warming. What contribution can classical music make to this issue? Les Matheus chose Green Sun (1973), Richard Fleischer's prophetic American futuristic film. Mirroring the Pastoral Symphony, which Beethoven subtitled "Souvenir de la vie rustique, plutôt émotion exprimée que peinture descriptive". To do this, they called on the new Académie Haendel Hendrix, founded by the Ensemble in 2022. The Académie brings together young European professionals, united around the reconciliation of learned and popular music. For the record, Handel and Hendrix lived in the same building in London three centuries apart...

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Show presented at the Grand Théâtre.
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  • May 07, 2024 at 8:30 PM
Concert - Classical music - Show

Soleil vert - Ensemble Matheus - Concert

Le Quartz 60 Rue du Château
29200 Brest
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