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Brest terres océanes

What to do less than an hour from Brest metropole?

You've been seduced by Brest métropole,

nature, maritime history and cultural life?

Whether you're looking for a short break or a weekend away, Brest Terres Océanes is sure to surprise you! Whether it's the famous Route des Phares (Lighthouse Route) or the diversity of landscapes awaiting you as you stroll around, you're sure to be won over!

St-Mathieu Lighthouse
St-Mathieu lighthouse © Martin VIEZZER

Explore the Route des Phares

Once you've photographed the Petit Minou lighthouse from every angle, take a stroll along the coast on the Route des Phares.

The coastline of the Brest Terres Océanes destination is dotted with 20 lighthouses, 6 of which can be visited. From the port of Brest, a boat will take you to the island of Ouessant. The Stiff lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse still in operation in Brittany, stands on the north side of the island. Back on the mainland, head for Pointe Saint-Mathieu in Plougonvelin to discover its eponymous lighthouse.

From its 37-metre height, you can admire the Iroise Sea and its islands. A few kilometers further north, in Le Conquet, you'll find the most westerly lighthouse in France, the Kermorvan lighthouse. Further afield, in the Abers region, the 383 steps of the Île Vierge lighthouse in Plouguerneau, the highest freestone lighthouse in the world, await you.


Île Vierge lighthouse © Eugénie RAGOT
You're in the heart of the world's largest concentration of lighthouses! 
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Explore the hiking trails

Whether as a family, a duo or solo, a walk or bike ride is always a good idea.

There are several cycling options: the Littorale, otherwise known as the V45, runs along the coast from Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages to Daoulas. Inland, there's the Abers cycle route and the Côte des Légendes cycle route.

2 people on a bike © Dunes Studio

Cycling in Morgat © Emmanuel BERTHIER

Walking on the beach
Walking on the beach © Emmanuel BERTHIER

For those who prefer walking, the GR®34 runs alongside the destination, and there are many wonderful walks along the customs trail.

Climbing Menez-Hom to admire the panoramic views over the destination is also a must for hiking enthusiasts.

Sand yachting in Pentrez
Sailboat at Pentrez © Eugénie RAGOT

Fill up on sea spray

Have you tried out several water sports in the Rade de Brest?

Continue the experience in the rest of the destination. A "Swim & Run" circuit from Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages, a kayak trip down the Aber Benoit, a surfing lesson on the Blancs Sablons beach at Le Conquet, a snorkeling trip in the Iroise Sea, a "coasteering" course on the Crozon peninsula, or a sand yachting session on Pentrez beach. You're bound to find an activity to suit your level.

There's something for everyone!

A destination that's all about the sea!

Kayak, Landéda © Mathieu LE GALL
Surfer in the Pays d'Iroise © Gregory ROHART
The Brest roadstead in winter from the Crozon peninsula
Vauban Tower from the harbour

Travel to the Rade de Brest

The Rade de Brest, one of the largest in the world, is a real playground for sailing enthusiasts. You can admire it from every angle on foot. Particularly at the end of the harbor, at the Pointe de Rosmélec in Daoulas, for example.

Then, on the Crozon peninsula, a visit to the Tour Vauban in Camaret-sur-Mer explains the Tower's role in the defense of the Brest roadstead.

From the wooded banks of the Aulne, you can see the military ship cemetery and the Térénez bridge.

The Brest roadstead in winter from the Crozon peninsula © Emmanuel BERTHIER

Vauban Tower from the harbor © Mathieu LE GALL

The Rade de Brest reveals all its secrets!

Brest harbour from Logonna-Daoulas © Emmanuel BERTHIER
Coastal path, Pointe du Toulinguet © Ronan GLADU

A destination with many landscapes

In the blink of an eye, discover the multitude of landscapes the destination abounds in. The site of Meneham, a thatched cottage village on the Côte des Légendes, nestled between rocks and sea. The island of Ouessant stands out with its wild coastline.

The Crozon peninsula, with its majestic cliffs and inspiring landscapes. From the top of its 330-meter-high cliffs, Menez-Hom offers a 360° view of the Rade de Brest and the Crozon peninsula.

Wild coast of Ouessant © Eugénie RAGOT
The Brest Terres Océanes destination, a concentration of Brittany's assets.
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