Cruise in Brest harbour on Loch Monna

Board Loch Monna for a cruise in Brest harbour

Take a seat aboard an authentic 1956 shellboat and discover the sensations of
traditional sailing. You can even take part in the maneuvers!

Hoist the sails in Brest harbor aboard Loch Monna!

Would you like to treat yourself to something memorable during your stay in Brest? Come aboard the Loch Monna for a unique cruise to discover the harbor, and take part in the sailing maneuvers on this 50's shellboat.

Loch Monna
Loch Monna - Brest Nautical Events

A few hours aboard Loch Monna...

  • Sail on an authentic shellfish boat in Brest harbour
  • Listen to the fascinating anecdotes told by captain Yann
  • Take part in manoeuvres like a real sailor!
Sailing aboard Loch Monna
The port of Tinduff in Plougastel-Daoulas
Port du Tinduff - Plougastel Daoulas

Loch Monna, an authentic shellfish harbour in Brest

This morning, you'll rendezvous at the Port du Tinduff in Plougastel-Daoulas, where your ship, the Loch Monna, awaits you. On the program: a 3-hour cruise around Brest harbor. On board, Yann Roger, a captain as fascinating as he is passionate, will explain the history of this 11-meter shellfish vessel, born
in 1956, which dredged scallops and maerl until the late 80s. Since 2012, Yann has been taking small groups of passengers on a tour of the harbor and introducing them to traditional sailing maneuvers.

* Departures from Brest or the port of Terenez in Rosnoën during the summer, please contact us for more information.

Discover Brest harbor aboard a traditional sailboat

A Brest experience to be savored! Aboard the Loch Monna, you'll discover, from the sea, the varied landscapes of the harbor, between creeks and cliffs, beaches and small harbors. And, of course, Brest and its ports as you've probably never seen them before. On the calm waters, barely stirred by a gentle breeze, you'll come across kayakers, windsurfers, paddlers, and maybe even a visit from a few dolphins!

Useful info

Yann guarantees a seasickness-free cruise! The boat's design and the absence of swell in the harbor limit movement. For those who don't have sea legs!

Loch Monna

Learn traditional navigation maneuvers

The Loch Monna welcomes passengers in small groups of up to 14 people. You'll have plenty of time to chat with the captain in a friendly atmosphere. But don't think you'll be twiddling your thumbs, because you'll be put to good use! Yann will teach you the rudiments of traditional sailing. You'll learn how to hoist and steer, just like a real sailor. And even the youngest sailors can take part in the maneuvers!

Cruise in Brest harbour aboard Loch Monna

All you need to know about scallops

In its early life, Loch Monna was a shellfish farm. Indeed, the waters of the Brest roadstead are particularly well-suited to the growth of scallops. The scallop, characterized by its large coral, is highly prized by gourmets. During your cruise, Yann will tell you a host of anecdotes about the history of scallop fishing in the bay. Did you know, for example, that octopus and starfish are among its top predators?

Want more?

Have you developed a taste for sailing cruises after sailing the Loch Monna? Come aboard other heritage boats at the Escales estivales, held every summer in Brest!