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Street art in Brest, an urban exploration

A pioneer in street art, Brest has seen the birth of many names in the discipline. Discover another way to explore Brest through its street art.

Street art in Brest, a pioneer in urban painting

Artistic Brest asserts itself in all disciplines! As a pioneer of street art, Brest has seen the birth and
growth of some great names. Here, graffiti is not just a technique, but the expression of a whole identity,
the interest shown in the living environment, and the opportunity for encounters and exchanges between generations.

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Where can you discover street art in the Cité du Ponant?

Brest is undeniably an artistic city. Apart from the many art centers and galleries, you're likely to come across a work of art on every street corner, more or less ephemeral, sometimes hidden away in a courtyard. Sometimes you'll have to look up, sometimes you'll have to look down, to unearth some pretty nuggets. And to admire the most famous and grandiose frescoes, head for the Port de Commerce, the Saint-Martin district , Moulin Blanc or Recouvrance.

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Did you know?

For a long time, Brest was the only town in Finistère where you could buy
graffiti bombs.

Some of Brest's best-known street artists

The city of Brest can be proud of having seen the birth of several pioneers of street art. These include Pakone and his dreamlike universe with its famous cherry blossom trees, and Wen2 and his futuristic vision of the world, which can be seen on many of Brest's facades. While Jone plays with light, Worm is inspired by cartoons, Royalti expresses emotion and feelings in a series of portraits...

The Crazy Partners and Cartel 29 collectives bring together several well-known names in Brest street art
in joint projects, such as temporary exhibitions or the creation of frescoes, combining
techniques and different styles, in Brest and elsewhere in France.

Crimes of Mind: an open-air art gallery

In 2011, under the impetus of Brest-based graffiti artist Liliwenn and the Sugar Rush association, 26 artists from all over the world embarked on a major project: to enhance certain areas of Brest using graffiti and other techniques, with the dual aim of uniting local residents and democratizing street art by bringing it within everyone's reach. Over the course of 2 years, some of the biggest names in street art came and went. In all, 21 frescoes were created in the four corners of Brest, the majority of which are still visible today.
The project offers a different way of exploring or re-exploring the city, whether you know it by heart or are discovering it for the first time.

street art brestois
street art brestois
street art brestois

A book and a short film were produced to preserve the memory of this unique initiative, which has remained engraved in the memories of many Brest residents.

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Rive Droite in Brest, walls speak out

In the 2000s, a major project to revitalize the Rive Droite district was launched. The aim was to enhance the urban heritage, express Brest's identity, and improve the living environment of its residents, by integrating them as true stakeholders. 11 frescoes were created, of which 9
are still visible, mainly around rue Anatole France. The project, which put local residents at the heart of the consultation and decision-making process, also enabled us to offer work placements and create links between street art and young people, through schools and neighborhood structures.

Le Spote & Hors les murs: graffiti continues in Brest

In 2021, some 30 graffiti artists from Finistère and around the world orchestrated an unprecedented street art event in Brest. 4000 m2 of a disused building were colored with urban paintings, attracting thousands of visitors. As the building was scheduled for demolition, the event was unfortunately intended to be short-lived. But in spring 2023, given the success of this edition, a new project will be launched with Hors les Murs. 7 works will be created in 7 districts of Brest, covering all the styles of the discipline. See you in the coming months to discover the full scope of street art, in Brest and around the world.

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