Caring for a calf seal

Become a Soigneur for a day at Océanopolis

A unique experience! "Soigneur d'un jour" allows you to go behind the scenes and follow the daily life of the Océanopolis caretakers.

Become a caretaker for a day at Océanopolis!

Perhaps you've already visited Océanopolis, the ocean discovery center in Brest. But what if we told you that you could become a "Soigneur d'un jour" and move to the other side of the ponds, immersing yourself in the daily life of those who ensure the health and well-being of the park's 10,000 animals?

Get your boots on for an exceptional day!

  • A VIP welcome and a behind-the-scenes look at the park.
  • A unique proximity to marine animals.
  • Discover the job and daily life of a caretaker at Océanopolis.
Admire calf seals in majestic aquariums
Calf seal - Tourism Brest Metropole
Pavilion fish
Behind the scenes at Océanopolis - Tourisme Brest Métropole

VIP backstage at Océanopolis

As soon as you arrive at Océanopolis, you're made aware that you're a special visitor. The appointment is made before the park opens its doors to the public, and above all, you enter by the back door and walk through the corridors normally reserved for staff.

You'll be welcomed in a small group to make the most of the experience, with a coffee and a few lichouseries: you'll need to build up your strength for the crazy day ahead!

Océanopolis boasts over 3 million liters of seawater, 77 aquariums and 9,000 m2 of exhibition space at

Veal seal breakfast
Océanopolis machine room - Tourisme Brest Métropole

A little cooking to get you started

No time to lose, there are thousands of marine animals waiting behind you for breakfast. Once you've got your boots on, it's off to the kitchen! That's right, because there are a few preparations to be made before feeding the rays, sharks, otters and all the others.

Larvae collection, mackerel cutting and shrimp peeling are all on the program. Then it's on to the various pavilions, with a visit to the machine room, which will give you a good idea of the technical and mechanical skills required in a park like Océanopolis.

A sea otter swimming on its back in its pool
Sea otter pond at Océanopolis - Tourism Brest Métropole

From pond to pond, feeding marine animals

Accompanied by your caretaker guide, you'll tour the 3 pavilions and their dozens of fish, coral and marine mammal feeding tanks. You'll learn all about their different species.

For example, did you know that stingrays naturally fast one day a week, or that otters have a jaw comparable in strength to that of a bear?

Did you know?

Training consists in familiarizing animals with the gestures that veterinarians reproduce during their visits, through playful exercises. This routine helps them to avoid stress peaks during treatment.

Contemplating the rainbow of corals
Coral cuttings at Océanopolis - Tourisme Brest Métropole

Coral cutting workshop

A little-known activity for the general public, during your Soigneur d'un jour experience you'll take part in a coral cutting workshop. In a bid to preserve endangered marine ecosystems, Océanopolis has been developing coral cuttings for several years now.

It's (almost) like in the garden: you delicately extract a piece of coral to make it multiply, observing and noting its evolution on a daily basis. Calm, concentration and precision are essential.

Manchotière d'Océanopolis - Tourisme Brest Métropole

A unique proximity to animals

What also makes the "Soigneur d'un jour" experience so crazy is the closeness you'll experience with certain animals. We don't suppose a penguin has ever eaten out of your hand?

Get ready to experience it for the first time! Another incredible moment: during the training session, you'll have the chance to get up close and personal with the grey seals, and even stroke their bellies.

Did we tell you it was magic?

In addition to information, education and scientific culture, Océanopolis is also involved in conservation actions.
For example, its care center takes in live seal pups stranded on the French coast.

Soigneur at Océanopolis - Tourisme Brest Métropole

Soigneur at Océanopolis,

An exciting job!

Thanks to this 4h30 experience in the boots of an Océanopolis caretaker, you'll discover the daily life of the 20 people who ensure the care, feeding and well-being of the 1,000 species
represented every day. You'll go home with your head full of memories and your eyes full of stars.

And if you come back to Océanopolis, chances are you'll see the visit in a whole new light!

The blacktip shark
Tropical pavilion - Tourisme Brest Métropole

An unforgettable moment to offer or to treat yourself to

Would you like to share the "Soigneur d'un jour" adventure with a loved one, or give it as a gift? The experience is reserved for those aged 12 and over (12-15 year olds must be accompanied). You can book directly on the Océanopolis website.

Center des océans Océanopolis - Tourism Brest Metropole
How do I get there?

Océanopolis is located near the Moulin Blanc marina. To get there :

  • Bus: Line 3 Lambézellec / Océanopolis via Palaren
  • Car: Free parking available at Océanopolis
  • Train: Brest station 3km away
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