View from the pointe du Petit Minou


Petit Minou lighthouse and its headland

THE Instagrammable spot just a stone's throw from Brest! Discover the Petit Minou lighthouse, its rocky headland, the beach and hiking trails.

The Petit Minou lighthouse, a must-see in Brest

Impossible de faire escale à Brest sans aller voir le Phare du Petit Minou, fièrement perché sur sa pointe rocheuse qui s’avance dans la rade face à la presqu’île de Crozon. Ce site naturel exceptionnel vous en fera prendre plein les yeux !

La pointe du Petit Minou
Pointe du Petit Minou

The lighthouse and Petit Minou Point

An exceptional view

When you arrive at the Petit Minou site in Plouzané, a picture-postcard landscape unfolds before your eyes, one of the finest viewpoints in the region. The sea at 180 degrees, a rocky point jutting out into the blue, a majestic lighthouse reaching for the sky, Camaret-sur-Mer just opposite...

The site itself is breathtaking in its beauty and wildness.

It's time to take your best selfie!

The origin of the name

No connection with our friends the cats!
"Min" is Breton for mouth or point, and becomes "minou" in the plural. The site is in fact made up of two points, the Grand Minou and the PetitMinou.

Fort du Petit Minou

Fort du Minou,

witness to Brest's military past

In the 17th century, France was in conflict with England. Brittany's geographical location made it particularly vulnerable to enemy attacks.

To protect Brest and the tip of Finistère,
Vauban, King Louis XIV's military architect, erected numerous fortifications in the harbor and on the Crozon peninsula, which today form an integral part of the region's maritime heritage.

Le Petit Minou is the most advanced point in the Brest Narrows, and is therefore strategically positioned to defend the harbor. Initially a battery, the building was steadily reinforced over the decades, becoming a redoubt and then a fort.

Petit Minou lighthouse,

the centerpiece

Getting to the lighthouse is an experience in itself. As you cross the stone bridge, the waves lapping against the rocks beneath your feet. The Petit Minou lighthouse was built in 1848. It rises to 26 metres above sea level, 34 metres above sea level, and marks the entrance to the Brest Narrows.

Automatisé depuis 1989, il projette un éclat rouge et blanc toutes les 6 secondes.

Sunset on the Petit Minou stone bridge
Lighthouse arch at low tide

Did you know?

Le Petit Minou is a "paradise" lighthouse, because it's on the coast. There are also "purgatory" lighthouses, located on islands, and "hell" lighthouses, in the open sea. The names reflect the isolation experienced by lighthouse keepers at the time.

Petit Minou beach,

a renowned surf spot

Take advantage of your stay at Le Petit Minou to sit on the beach and admire the brilliant blue harbor in front of you. Surf enthusiasts can catch a few waves. Beginner surfers, prefer the western part of the headland, where the waves are gentler.

More experienced surfers can venture out on the eastern side. At Minou Surf School, you can rent equipment on site or take a lesson.

Petit Minou hike - Tourism Brest Metropole

Hiking trails

from the Petit Minou lighthouse

With such a panorama before your eyes, you'll want to enjoy it for longer?

Put on your hiking boots and set off to discover the harbor along the customs path. Towards the west, the landscape becomes wilder and more rugged, tested by the elements.

To the east, you'll head for Brest and watch the shipping traffic in and out of the harbor.

A fan of headlights?

Follow the Brest Terres Océanes lighthouse route and discover these majestic and impressive sentinels of the sea.

How do I get there?

The Petit Minou lighthouse is located in the commune of Plouzané. To get there from Brest :

  • Car: Municipal parking lot 300 m from the lighthouse.
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