The 10 best photo spots in Brest

Want to show off Brest on your Instragram? Discover the 10 must-see photo
in the Cité du Ponant. #nofilter guaranteed!

The 10 most beautiful photo spots in Brest, 100% Instagrammable!

Want to show off to your followers? Or just want to bring back some great shots from your stay?
Discover the 10 best photo spots in Brest, 100% #nofilter!

A photo from the cable car cabin

Want to capture THE "wow" view of Brest? Take the urban cable car and get out your camera right away: the ride takes just a few minutes. At 72 meters above the Penfeld, the Château de Brest and the Pont de Recouvrance rise up below you, with the city on one side and the harbor on the other. What's the best time? Sunrise or sunset: exceptional light guaranteed!

Shooting at Ateliers des Capucins

Welcome to Brest's vast "tiers-lieu", former workshops of the French Navy transformed into Europe's largest covered square. Restaurants, a microbrewery, a bookshop, boutiques, a climbing gym and a scientific space dedicated to the oceans: there's always something going on here! THE Instagrammable spot is the immense Place des Machines and its majestic Canot de l'Empereur. Just as photogenic: the outdoor terrace facing the port, where you can relax at the end of the day

Saint-Malo Street

Timeless, so close, yet so different from the rest of the city. And with good reason: rue Saint-Malo is the only street to have survived the bombardments of the Second World War. With its cobblestones and old houses, it bears witness to the popular pre-war Brest. There's something special about number 17: it's home to the Vivre la Rue association, which maintains the authenticity of this atypical district and brings a touch of art and fantasy to it through a program of events.

View from the Albert Louppe Bridge

The bridge, which links Plougastel-Daoulas to Brest and is now reserved for pedestrians and bicycles, offers a unique and breathtaking view of the city and Brest harbor, and the ballet of boats entering and leaving the port. The best time to take your best selfies is at sunset! If you
visit Brest in October, this is the time of year when they are at their most flamboyant.

The Minou lighthouse

The Pointe du Minou is one of the must-see places in and around Brest. And this lighthouse is THE Instagram photo to take during your stay! Proudly standing on its rocky spur, reaching out to sea, the grey of its stone contrasts with the brilliant blue of the sky and the deeper blue of the ocean. In the distance, the harbor, the open sea and the Crozon peninsula stand out. Do you love sunsets? Come and watch as it disappears into the sea: a magical moment!

Maison Blanche - tourisme brest

White House

An atypical location, a small beach just a stone's throw from the town center, a village atmosphere: this is the atmosphere that emanates from Maison Blanche. Its 70 fishermen's huts, all painted in bright colors, give it that unmistakable charm, just like the whole neighborhood. People come here to relax, read a book or just enjoy the scenery.

Brest" letters at the Moulin Blanc

In any city in the world that displays its name, this is the souvenir photo you never want to miss! Here, near the Moulin Blanc beach, next to the nautical center, the 4 letters of Brest's and Brittany's pride stand out against the blue sky. In the distance, the two Iroise and Albert Louppe bridges, the
harbour and the sparkling water... Take your picture, smile!

Lapérouse dam

To be on the Lapérouse dike is to be at sea. This promenade, which runs alongside the marina, is a real invitation to take to the open sea. Under a scorching summer sunset, a changing September sky or a late winter storm, this popular spot in Brest is also one of the most
photogenic in the Cité du Ponant.

The Stang Alar valley

This immense green lung, a stone's throw from the city and home to the Conservatoire National Botanique de Brest, is a place where local residents can recharge their batteries. Spend an hour or a day here, take a stroll, relax with a good book or play with the kids. With no less than 40 hectares of greenery, the Stang Alar valley offers a breath of fresh air. It's also one of Brest's best picnic spots.

Aboard Loch Monna or Recouvrance

Your new profile photo will be wind in your hair, or it won't be! Set sail on a heritage sailboat and step back in time for a unique experience. More than just a passenger on board, you'll be actively involved in maneuvers under the watchful eye of your captain. An intense moment that you'll be sure to immortalize in photos!