10 must-see sights in Brest

Top 10 most beautiful viewpoints in Brest metropole

As Brest is a veritable promontory overlooking the sea, it has no shortage of breathtaking viewpoints. Panoramic views over the harbor or the city, the smooth blue horizon of the sea or the jagged points at the westernmost tip of Finistère: here's our selection of the 10 most beautiful viewpoints in and around Brest.

Between castle and Brest harbour

The Cours Dajot and the Jardin de l'Académie

Overlooking the commercial port, you'll love strolling along the Cours Dajot as the sun goes down, and settling down for a picnic in the Jardin de l'Académie. Here, you'll enjoy a 180-degree view of Brest harbor, the Plougastel peninsula and Crozon. And below you, the bustle of the port begins, with its bars and restaurants coming alive at the end of the day.

On the GR 34

La Pointe du Petit Minou

Put on your sneakers and take to the customs path for a breathtaking view of Brest harbour, on a 20-kilometre hike from the Phare du Portzic to the Phare Saint-Mathieu, via the Phare du Minou. The latter, built on a rocky point, stands majestically on the coast. The view over the beaches is magnificent, and the place, a favourite haunt of Brest surfers, is particularly photogenic. Now's the time to immortalize your vacation with your best shots!

Brest in a nutshell

Le Jardin des Explorateurs

When the color of stone blends with the green of vegetation... From the heights of the Jardin des Explorateurs, in addition to the collection of plants brought back from the four corners of the world by the famous navigator Bougainville, you can see the Château de Brest and the entrance to the harbor in the background. The site also offers another view of the military port.


Le Rocher de L'impératrice

The ascent to the Rocher de l'Impératrice is not without effort, and you'll need good calves to climb the slope to the very top of the Rocher de l'Impératrice. But what a reward at the finish! Before your very eyes, the most beautiful view of the Élorn River and the Pont de l'Iroise is revealed. A site of archaeological excavations, it is said that the site could hide a treasure: Napoleon III's wife is said to have lost a priceless ring here... Double reason to keep an eye out!

Brest cable car - Tourisme Brest Métropole

Taking the plunge

The view from the Brest cable car

A radical change of atmosphere: we're now plunging into the heart of the city! As well as being France's first urban cable car, Brest's cable car offers a unique panorama. The journey begins as soon as you step into the cabin, with a view of the military port below. The higher you go, the more you see of the city and its harbour. From here, you can see Brest's oldest quarter. If you're brave enough, you'll look right under your feet to see the Penfeld through the porthole... Enjoy your trip!

Le Relecq-Kerhuon

The slipway at Le Relecq-Kerhuon

For us Brest locals, it's a veritable corner of paradise, facing the Plougastel Daoulas peninsula, where we like to gather at the end of the day to watch the night fall on the Albert Louppe bridge and watch the boats go by while sipping a cocktail on the terrace. The Relecq Kerhuon cove is also a pretty pebble beach and a prime spot for water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

Cale du Relecq Kerhuon - Tourisme Brest Métropole

The harbour at 180 degrees

Albert Louppe Bridge

Right next to the Pont de l'Iroise, which you may have used to get to Brest, is the Pont Albert Louppe, exclusively for pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles. It spans the River Élorn, which separates Le Relecq Keruhon from Plougastel Daoulas. In the distance, you'll see the harbor of Brest and the Moulin Blanc marina, with its welcoming shrouds. The best time to come is at sunset, when the sky takes on flamboyant colors... Magical!


The Kéramenez viewpoint

One of the highest points in the commune of Plougastel-Daoulas offers a breathtaking view of the entire peninsula and the Brest harbour. From here, the boats entering and leaving the harbour will seem very small! With the sea glistening, the coastline silhouetted and the town suddenly taking on a whole new dimension, you won't want to miss out on this panoramic view!

The Kéramenez point of view
Lapérouse dam - Tourisme Brest Métropole

Marina du Château

La Digue Lapérouse

In the heart of the Marina du Château, you're plunged into theatmosphere of a Breton port, with a 360-degree view. In front of your eyes: the Narrows, Brest harbor and the city; in your ears: the clatter of the shrouds on the masts, the cry of the seagulls, the crash of the waves beneath your feet and the foghorn. And on your face: the sea breeze and the spray: a real call from the open sea!

Fishermen's huts

The port of Maison Blanche

Nothing to do with Washington! La Maison Blanche de Brest is a tiny port on the western edge of the city, below the Saint-Pierre district, where happiness seems to rhyme with color... Its special feature: multicolored shacks on a pebble beach. We love coming here to rest our feet in the water and admire the harbor, away from the hustle and bustle of the city...

Maison Blanche - Tourism Brest Metropole