From lighthouse to lighthouse on the coastal path in Brest

From the Portzic to the Minou, via the Fort de Mengant, this hike offers exceptional views.

From lighthouse to lighthouse: a walk along Brest's coastal path

Departing from Maison Blanche, this 3h15 hike (allow 6h30 round trip) on Brest's coastal path alternates between exceptional viewpoints, testimonies to Brest's military history and maritime heritage, staircases and narrower passages.

The immensity of the ocean and the softness of the sea air will accompany you throughout. Enjoy the ride!

Coastal footpath Brest
Maison Blanche beach and GR34

Maison Blanche, Sainte-Anne du Portzic

Running time: 55 minutes

From Maison Blanche and its colorful cabins, head southwest. It's easy: just follow the GR34 with its white and red markings. On the customs path, there's no risk of making a mistake! You'll soon reach the foot of the Portzic lighthouse. Along the way, you can still see the remains of the sea fort built by Vauban in the late 17th century, with its ramparts and wide gates.

Portzic lighthouse

The lighthouse joined the Portzic military complex in 1848, and today its semaphore controls maritime traffic in the harbor since the transfer of the Minou lighthouse lookout.

Take a good look at its octagonal tower: you can still see the bullet holes left by the battles it has seen. From here, enjoy the panoramic view of the goulet, the Pointe des Espagnols on the Crozon peninsula opposite, the Plougastel peninsula and the Brest roadstead.

After skirting the old power station, of which a few traces remain, you'll come to the small, sheltered beach of Sainte-Anne du Portzic , part of the Brest coastal path.

portzic lighthouse, coastal footpath, Brest tourism
Portzic lighthouse and its view of Brest harbour
Sainte Anne du Portzic coastal path

Did you know?

Did you know? The original purpose of the coastal path was not for tourism, but for customs to control the smuggling of contraband from the sea along the Breton coast. Hence the name "sentier des douaniers" (customs trail)!

Anse du Dellec

Le Fort du Dellec

Duration: 25 minutes

Get your calves ready, as this second section starts with a steep staircase behind the Hôtel du Bois.

The landscape starts to change a little, you'll pass through wooded areas and a wilder track gradually appears.

You'll sail along the Dellec beach and its row of colorful dinghies, before arriving at the Fort du Dellec.

It is also part of the defense complex for Brest harbor built by Vauban. Today, it hosts concerts and other cultural events. Locals and tourists alike love to stroll here for the view over the harbor and the Crozon peninsula opposite.

Fort du Dellec
coastal path Brest, Fort du Dellec
Coastal path, Fort du Mengant, Brest tourism

Fort du Mengant

Running time: 55 minutes

This hike could also have been called "from lighthouses to forts". The gradients are getting tougher, but the view is clearing. The wind becomes more present, the landscapes wilder. The true Finistère, rough and rugged, is revealed here in all its splendor.

Fort du Mengant stands out in the distance, a sign that you've reached the end of this third section.

The site is spectacular, and the further you go, the more you'll realize the scale of its construction.
The Fort has undergone several changes over the centuries, including the construction of an imposing ramp and a funicular railway used to transport large devices for frigate radar tests.

Fort du Mengant

Opposite the fort, on the Roscanvel peninsula, is the Cornouaille battery. Facing each other in the narrowest passage of the gully, the role of these two buildings was to defend the entrance to Brest, leaving little chance for enemy ships venturing in!

Fort du Mengant, tourism Brest
Fort du Mengant
coastal path, GR 34, Brest tourism
GR 34 near Brest

Minou lighthouse

Duration: 1 hour

We've saved the best part of the hike for last, because it gets a little tougher here. The beautiful slope that takes you to the top of the Fort will help you understand the value of the funicular built at the time. If this is, in our opinion, the least practicable part (but accessible if you're well-shod and careful), it's also the most sensational.

The landscape of heather and fern moors, rock and pine, is somewhat reminiscent of parts of the Crozon peninsula or Pointe du Raz. The waves are stronger, the power of the ocean more pronounced. Here, each element is felt more intensely, more energetically.

After some beautiful climbs and slopes, what a reward! In the distance you can see the Petit Minou lighthouseone of the most beautiful viewpoints around Brest!

Minou lighthouse, GR 34, Brest tourism
Minou lighthouse

You won't be able to resist going over the bridge and letting the waves lap at your feet as you walk around the lighthouse, taking a few photos and taking a deep breath, closing your eyes to soak up the sea air and the feeling of immensity.

Minou lighthouse, tourism Brest