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Tour Tanguy, 6 centuries of history in an immersive tour

Relive the history of Brest and discover the pre-war city in the Tour Tanguy. A unique, immersive visit to an emblematic site!

The Tour Tanguy, immerse yourself in Brest's history!

Since the 1960s, the Tour Tanguy, Brest's landmark building and witness to 600 years of history, has been home to the Musée du Vieux Brest. Thanks to dioramas by Jim-E. Sévellec and a brand-new scenography, in 2023 you'll discover a unique, immersive tour. The result will be an exceptional panorama of the city from the top floor of the tower!

Tanguy Tower

Tour Tanguy, 600 years of history in Brest

The Tour Tanguy is one of Brest's must-see landmarks. Built in the 14th century on a rocky knoll overlooking the Penfeld, opposite the Château de Brest in the Recouvrance district, it was originally known as the "bastille de Kernéguez". Successively owned by several families, destroyed during the
English occupation of the Château, then rebuilt in 1397, its current name probably comes from the patronymic borne by several members of the du Chastel family, owners in 1397.
The city of Brest acquired the Tour Tanguy in 1954, renovated it and installed the Musée du Vieux Brest in 1962.

If you look up above the Tower door, you'll see the arms of the du Chastel family carved into the stone.

Jim-E.Sevellec's dioramas, a dive into Brest's history

When the museum was created, the town called on the talents of Jim-E. Sévellec. Sévellec, a local painter and ceramist, and an important figure in Brest's cultural life. Through 14 dioramas, he retraced Brest's great events, such as a naval battle or the arrival of Napoleon III, as well as scenes of daily life in the
streets of Vieux Brest.
For over 50 years, visitors have been able to immerse themselves in an immersive discovery of the city, before it was disfigured by the bombings of the Second World War. A real journey back in time through realistic paintings and over 500 characters!

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A diorama is the reconstitution of a scene, in volume, in the form of a model placed in front of a
two-dimensional set. Some dioramas can incorporate a sound and/or video background.

Tanguy Tower - Tourism Brest

A revamped scenography and a new route open in 2023

At the beginning of 2023, the Tour Tanguy closed its doors for several months of scenographic refurbishment.
The aim: to offer you an even more realistic experience, and keep Brest's memory alive.
Reopened in 2023, you can now discover fully restored dioramas, some with new sound and light effects.

Immersive sound and exceptional panorama

One of the new features of the tour is the audioguide, which is available for all self-guided tours. In your ears, the voice of a Brest resident will reveal untold secrets about the history of the Tour Tanguy.
Then climb the few steps up to the 3rd floor to take in the sights. This room, previously closed to the public, reveals a fabulous panoramic view of the city and the harbor.

And thanks to augmented reality, you'll see images of Brest's past projected onto today's city. A must-see!

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For even more immersion, opt for a guided tour with the tourist office.

After the tour: take a break at the Explorers' Garden

To extend your day in the Recouvrance district, stop off at the Jardin des Explorateurs, a stone's throw from the Tour Tanguy. Here you'll discover a unique collection of plants brought back by four of Brest's best-known navigators, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the harbor and military port.


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Profoundly transformed after the bombardments of the Second World War, Brest still bears witness to its historic past.

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