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Visit Ouessant, an exceptional island

Visit Ouessant, an exceptional island!

How would you like to experience island life for a weekend? We've got all the tips and tricks you need to visit Ouessant, the island of many facets! Ready to set sail?

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two exhibitions, two atmospheres

While the island's south coast is rich in vegetation: gorse, heather, colorful wildflowers... the north reveals a wilder, rougher Ouessant, the exposure and salinity of the air leaving little chance for vegetation.

Like many of Brittany's islands, Ouessant benefits from a micro-climate. micro-climate. It's not unusual for the sky to be cloudless on the island, while the mainland is shrouded in gloom.

With neither frost nor heatwave, Ouessant is an island where life is good!

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Enjoy an orgy of blackberries on Ouessant! They are particularly tasty and fleshy in the southern part of the island.

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Visit Ushant by bike

The best way to make sure you don't miss out on anything on Ushant Island, while taking your time, is to rent a bikeeither when you arrive on the island, or when you booking your crossing. But it's even better to contact us before you leave to take advantage of our preferential rates. That way, you'll be able to explore the island in a weekend, while enjoying the gentle way of life so typical of the Finistère islands.

Worried about your calves? Take the VAE option!

Alternatively, you can put on your sneakers and explore the 60 kilometers of hiking trails.

Did you know?

Ushant is 8 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide!

The 4 points of Ushant

Once again, 4 points, 4 moods!

Kadoran Point, to the northeast, takes you to the highest highest cliffs on the island The cliffs are reminiscent of Irish landscapes. To the south-east, the pointe de Penn Arlan embodies the gentle way of life, with its little port where you'll love to stroll. To the south-west, the pointe de Porz Doun is the ideal spot for a picnic or even a siesta on its soft lawn, sculpted by wind and sea spray. Last but not least, the pointe de Pern is without doubt most magnificent viewpoint on the islandwhatever the color of the sky or the strength of the wind.

If there was only one place to photograph in Ouessant, this would be it!

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At Pointe de Pern, you're at the most westerly point in France. Beyond that, it's America!

Ouessant Island and its lighthouses

If Ouessant is nicknamed the Sentinel Island, it's because it's surrounded by five purgatory lighthouses (= lighthouses located on an island).

The two main lighthouses can be visited. Visit Créach lighthouserecognizable by its white and black sailboat, is the highest and most powerful lighthouse in the world. As for the Stiff lighthouseis one of the oldest working lighthouses in France, even though it is now automated and remotely controlled from the Créac'h lighthouse. It was built and lit in 1700, on the advice of Vauban to Louis XIV.

The three other lighthouses Nividic, La Jument and Kéréon are located to the west of the island and can be seen, weather permitting, from the pointe de Porz-Doun.

Did you know?

The other types of lighthouses are Paradise lighthouses, located on the coast, and Hell lighthouses, on rocky islets, difficult to access and causing the isolation of their keepers before their automation.

Typical Ushantine fauna

Ouessant's particularity: its location on the open sea has favored the emergence of endemic animal species characterized by their dwarfism: dwarf horses, dwarf sheep (the Ouessant sheep is the smallest sheep in the world!). Both are endangered species.

Protected from pollution, pesticides and varroa mites (a bee parasite), the black beeswhich have disappeared from the continent, have found their sanctuary on Ushant. They cohabit with the colony of grey sealswho love the water temperature, rarely above 15 degrees. It's not unusual to come across one on the crossing, and it's always a moment of wonder, whether you're big or small!

Finally, Ushant is a haven for many seabirdsprotected on a European scale, as well as a major observation site for migratory birds.

Ouessant sheep - Tourism Brest Métropole


Black bees may soon be making a comeback in western France! At least, that's the wish of the "Conservatoire de l'Abeille Noire Bretonne" association, which is working on this project.

Ouessant flora - Tourism Brest Métropole

When spring colors the island

Ushant also boasts a luxuriant flora. No less than 500 species from spring to late summer.

Among them are two tiny ferns: the Spiny Isolate and the Portuguese Ophioglossa.

But just look at them, for they are fragile and protected.

A little history!

Ouessant was discovered in the 4th century by the Marseilles navigator Pytheas, and Christianized in the 6th century. First owned by the Bishops of Léon, it passed into the hands of Seigneur de Rieux in the 16th century, and then to Louis XVI in 1765.

Treat yourself to Ouessant

Whether on foot or by bike, it's always worth a visit! For a 100% immersion experience, you'll want to try the Ouessantine specialty: lamb stew lamb stew cooked in clods.

On a lighter note (or not!...), the indomitable crêpes are also turning up on the island, and you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat, either in the village of Lampaul or along the pier.

A word of advice: reserve your table!

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For overnight stays on the island, there are 3 hotels, a campsite, a few studios and around 15 B&Bs.

Ouessant's turquoise waters

Visit Ushant for a weekend

Would you like to enjoy a weekend on the island without any headaches? Then put your trust in the Ouessantins and the Tourist Office team, who'll put together a tailor-made weekend for you!

The Créac'h lighthouse in the sunflowers
How do I get there?

Ouessant Island at the western tip of Brittany, for you :

  • Cie maritime Penn Ar Bed: Departures from Brest and Le Conquet - departures from Camaret in season.
  • Cie maritime Finist' Mer: From May to September, departing from Lanildut, Le Conquet and Camaret.
  • Finist'Air : Air links for Brest - Ouessant.
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