Sailing in Brest harbour


A thousand and one ways to sail in Brest harbour

Cruise on a heritage boat, kayak or go deep-sea fishing: discover all the different ways of sailing in Brest harbor.

Sailing in Brest harbour

all the ways to enjoy it

As soon as you set foot in Brest, you're already feeling the call of the open sea? It's only natural!

Here, the sea is omnipresent and an integral part of our daily lives. There are a thousand ways to sail in Brest's harbor, from discovery cruises to kayaking sessions and old-rigger cruises.

Fort du Mengant battery - tourism Brest
Fort du Mengant battery

Sailing in Brest harbour

un riche patrimoine maritime à découvrir

Sailing in Brest's harbor not only means enjoying the exceptional views created by its indented coastline, between points, peninsulas and well-hidden coves, but also discovering a rich maritime heritage.

The coastline is marked by numerous military buildings, including the fortifications built by architect Vauban in the 17th century.

The Tour Vauban in Camaret-sur-Mer and Fort de Bertheaume in Plougonvelin are just two examples, as are the numerous forts and blockhouses.

La Recouvrance

Sailing on the Recouvrance,

symbol of the city of Brest

It's impossible to mention Brest without immediately thinking of the Recouvrance, the majestic 41-meter-long schooner that draws all eyes to the harbor. She is a replica of the Iris, a military sailing ship built in 1817 to facilitate communications between naval vessels, carrying mail and parcels, and relaying information and orders. La Recouvrance was built in Brest to designs by naval architect Jean-Baptise Hubert, and launched for the first time at the 1992 Fêtes Maritimes.

Looking for an original evening out?

Embark on a sunset cruise and discover the joys of traditional sailing while watching the sunrise. A magical experience! And for total immersion, opt for a multi-day cruise (up to 4 days) with stopovers. You'll learn seamanship and take part in maneuvers, and you'll experience the conviviality of daily life on board: an experience you won't soon forget! With asurface area of 180 km², the Brest roadstead is one of the largest in the world!


Did you know?

With a surface area of 180 km², the Brest roadstead is one of the largest in the world!

A cruise on the harbor aboard a speedboat

A guided cruise on the Brest roadstead will allow you to discover all its splendors, with a gentle sea breeze and chop as an added bonus. The Pointe Saint-Mathieu, the Plougastel peninsula, the boat cemetery and the Pointe des Espagnols are just some of the must-sees that will show you a whole new side of Brest from the sea.

Come aboard the Brestoa and choose your formula:

1h30 cruise, a stopover in Camaret-sur-Mer or a visit to the fortifications of the Brest Narrows.

the Brestoa - tourism Brest
cruise on the Brestoa
Sailing aboard Loch Monna
cruise on Loch Monna

Sail the harbor aboard a heritage boat

Looking for a unique experience? We've got just the thing for you!

Come aboard the Loch Monna, a local shellfish boat built in 1956, which dredged shellfish and maerl until 1980. Yann Roger, the boat's owner, will tell you all about its history and adventures. On board, you'll discover the treasures of the Brest harbor and be able to take part in the maneuvers, performed in the purest tradition.

Hoist the sails and feast your eyes!

The Notre Dame de Rumengol also welcomes you for a cruise in the Brest harbor. This 22-meter-long gabare, built in 1945 in Camaret and listed as a Historic Monument since 1990, is one of the last remaining coastal sailing ships. Initially used for freight (wood, wine, onions, salt from Noirmoutier...), she later became an hourglass between Brest and Landerneau, Châteaulin and Le Faou.

During the summer, these boats are part of the Escales Estivales de Brest, a chance to discover them together!

How about a gourmet cruise?
Bread pâté and oysters, or lunch at the iconic Crabe Marteau restaurant: the choice is yours!

Notre Dame de Rumengol - Tourism Brest
Aboard Loch Monna, Notre Dame de Rumengol in sight

Les Escales Estivales

the summer rendezvous for sailing on the bay

Every day in July and August, you can embark on a heritage boat for an exceptional cruise in Brest harbor: a unique experience to be enjoyed at least once, a voyage both on the water and through time!

Choose your vessel: Loch Monna and Notre Dame de Rumengol are the best-known.

But also discover the Skeaf VII, a century-old classic yacht, or the Dahl Mad (which means "Hold on" in Breton).

Kayaking on the Brest bay

A sporty walk in Brest harbour

Want to treat yourself to a bit of sliding?

Why not rent a paddle or kayak from the Moulin Blanc nautical center, and set off on your own?

Close to the water, at your own pace, with your family or friends: laughter, good times and unforgettable memories guaranteed!

The idea of a ride!

Kayak across the bay from Brest to Plougastel (3 kilometers), take a lunch break at Les Viviers de Keraliou, THE place to eat the best seafood, with your feet in the water!


sea fishing trip

Vincent Ottman is a professional fishing guide and, with Brest Fishing, will take you to his favorite playground: the Brest roadstead. For a day or half-day, in very small groups (2 to 4 anglers) you'll discover different fishing techniques and, if you're good, come back with a nice haul to enjoy.

Fishing trip