Seafood in Brest


4 seafood restaurants in Brest 

100% iodized flavors! Discover our unusual selection of 4 seafood restaurants to try in Brest.


4 must-try seafood restaurants in Brest!

If there's one thing you've got to do at least once during your stay in Brittany, it's enjoy a huge platter of freshly caught seafood, with your eyes plunged into the ocean and a gentle breeze on your face. Looking for THE restaurant to make the most of the moment? Here's our selection of 4 seafood restaurants in Brest quality, freshness and home cooking guaranteed!


Keraliou fishponds

From fish tank to plate with a brief stint in the kitchen - that's what you can expect from this restaurant, which is first and foremost a local oyster farm. Plougastel. There's no fuss here, just a view of Brest and its harbor.

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, as you enjoy your seafood or fish of the day on the sunny terrace overlooking the sea. Everything is local and ultra-fresh, right down to the chef's famous Plougastel strawberry soup for dessert. 

Tasting oysters at the vivier in Plougastel
Restaurant Les viviers de Keraliou in Plougastel

Commercial port

Au Crabe Marteau

Here, the star is the Breton crab, also known as the "dormeur", but you'll also find other specialties from the Iroise and North Finistère seas, all extra-fresh and in season. The proof is in the eating: the restaurant menu varies according to the weather and fishing returns.

The authentic setting is well worth the detour. Seated at your rustic, newspaper-covered table, don't bother with conventions and drop your shells directly into the bucket next to you. If you choose crab, we'll bring you... a mallet and a bib, as is customary in the region, and a bowl of small organic potatoes from Guipavas. As you can see, this is a no-fuss feast!

To end on a sweet note, we recommend the famous kouign amman: you'll see, it goes down easy!

Taste hammer crab at Le Crabe Marteau restaurant
Le Crabe Marteau, commercial port
Seafood platter
Ocean House

Commercial port

The ocean house

A more subdued atmosphere for this restaurant, also located in Brest's commercial port. If you can, choose a table on the second floor to enjoy the panoramic panoramic view of the portor enjoy the sunshine on the terrace. Here, the whole team is at your service, and the quality of service is as high as the cuisine.

Choose a seafood platter, grilled fish or warm oysters with julienne vegetables. warm oysters with julienne vegetables.

Cruise in Brest harbour

Aboard the Brestoa

How about a seafood cruise? Imagine being lulled to sleep by the sea, while feasting on iodized flavors... Well, it's possible! Visit Compagnie Maritime de la Rade offers you a cruise Brest harboron its boat, the Brestoâ, for the duration of a meal.

You've heard of PPVR (bread, pâté and red wine)? You'll love the PHVB: bread, oysters from the Keraliou fishpond, white wine. Or opt for the Crabe Marteau formula: dormeur, local potatoes, glass of wine and always the mallet and bib, + the little sweet touch of far breton for dessert.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, and should be consumed in moderation.

Taste the periwinkles
Lunch cruise on Brest harbour