The complete guide to partying in Brest

Festive Brest

Brest festive: the guide to partying in Brest

If ever there was a need to demonstrate the warm, festive reputation of the Breton people, Brest is it. Between the major annual events and the typical bars where you can share a drink and remake the world with complete strangers, Brest is sure to leave you with unique memories of festivity and conviviality.

The art of living in Brest

What better way to celebrate than by adopting the best habits of the people of Brest? Here, "riboule" (a very local expression) and conviviality are an art of living, just as the sea is present in all good memories. The people of Brest are sincere and warm-hearted, and will welcome you and show you the best places to relax and enjoy the city until (very) late.

Major events in Brest

To discover Brest from a festive angle, check out the calendar! The city is punctuated several times a year by major cultural and musical events. Fans of electro music can get their groove on at Astropolis, while those who prefer Breton music will be delighted by Printemps des Sonneurs. Film buffs will be delighted by the Festival du Court, while all summer long, the harborfront comes alive with music at the Jeudis du Port.

Fêtes Maritimes Internationales de Brest

Every 4 years in July, Brest welcomes hundreds of boats from all over the world to its harbors for a few days, with a program of events that will make your head spin! Regattas, visits, sailboat trips in the harbor, initiation, not forgetting concerts and other entertainment for young and old... A spectacle to be experienced at least once!

M. Le Gall / Brest métropole

Concert essentials

Brest will delight music lovers of all stripes. The birthplace of Miossec and Yann Tiersen, Brest boasts dozens of intimate and more festive concert bars offering a copious program, both in quantity and quality, not to mention legendary stages such as Le Vauban and La Carène.

Neighborhoods for partying

While the festive spirit and conviviality reign in most of Brest's neighborhoods, some, such as the bas de Siam or the Marinas du Château and Moulin Blanc, are particularly conducive to a tour of the bars and terraces, where you can enjoy a few drinks (in moderation!), listen to some good music and dance the night away.


M. Le Gall / Brest métropole

Party with the kids

There's no age limit to partying, and it's often passed down through the generations! Would you like to take your children along on your nocturnal wanderings? Some festivals offer special rates, facilities and entertainment for youngsters. Find out more!

M. Le Gall / Brest métropole