Paddle in Brest harbour

Paddle in Brest harbour

A paddle outing in Brest harbour

From the beach, you can see them gliding across the water, standing on their boards, paddle in hand. Stand-up paddle enthusiasts are becoming more and more numerous, and it's easy to see why: this activity combines discovery and serenity, without requiring any particular sporting skills. We tested out a paddle trip in Brest harbour, and we'll tell you all about it!

Mr Le Gall

Stand-up paddle, a water sports activity for everyone

In recent years, stand-up paddling (or SUP) has established itself in Brittany and elsewhere as a new form of hiking. Easy and not very strenuous, this nautical activity is accessible to all, young and old, even children, whether or not you're an athlete. Above all, it offers a real moment of relaxation and disconnection. The sound of the water, the cool breeze and the sun on your face: you're sure to love it!

Children paddle in Brest
Mr Le Gall

Did you know?

Did you know? Stand-up paddling has its origins in Polynesia. It was practiced by kings on huge boards carved from tree trunks.

Paddle outing with friends
Mr Le Gall

The challenge: balance on your board!

Finally, the main difficulty in stand-up paddling is finding your balance. We don't hide the fact that you might fall a few times, but don't worry about the water temperature: you'll be equipped with a wetsuit. With your instructor's invaluable advice, you'll learn to balance on your board, first on your knees, then standing, stabilize your footing and steer with your paddle... because the aim is to keep moving forward!


Discover Brest harbour by gliding on the water

Once you've found your equilibrium, you'll be able to appreciate the landscape before your eyes. You've seen the harbor from the most beautiful vantage points on land, now discover it from the sea! If you're not yet completely confident, we suggest a guided tour with the Minou Surf club in Plouzané. During the two-hour session, you'll make your way gently to the Trez-Hir beach. Enjoy the view of Fort de Bertheaume and its headland, cormorants drying themselves in the sun and seabirds flying overhead...

In the heart of the harbour

If you're more experienced and prefer to go out on your own, then enjoy the heart of the bay. You can start your outing from the Moulin Blanc beach (equipment hire at the Spot nautique in summer) and make your way to Plougastel-Daoulas, where you can float in the Elorn and contemplate the landscape and its flora and fauna.

Stroll along the Elorn in Brest
Mr Viezzer
Paddle in Brest harbour

The underwater spectacle before your very eyes

But don't forget to look at your feet, as you'll rarely have the opportunity toobserve underwater life at such close quarters. Beneath the translucent waters, the kelp forest undulates, the little fish swim... all this little world lives its life, barely disturbed by the passage of your board. That's the whole point of a "slow" activity like paddleboarding: to get up close and personal with nature, without disturbing it!

Practical information

You'll find plenty of launching points for an outing in Brest harbor. We particularly recommend :

  • Moulin Blanc beach (Rue Palaren in Le Relecq-Kerhuon). It's the perfect place to bring the whole family to the beach, with parking nearby.
  • The Adonnante slipway (Rue des Mouettes, Brest). It offers easy launching and shower facilities.
  • Porz Gwenn beach in Plougastel-Daoulas. It's a great way to discover another aspect of the bay.

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