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Le Chantier du Guip: visit a shipyard in Brest

A benchmark in European shipbuilding, Chantier du Guip symbolizes a passion for the sea and wood. Discover and visit this Brest institution.

Le Chantier du Guip

a passion for the sea and wood

A symbol of Brest, the Chantier du Guip is a benchmark in European shipbuilding. In the hands of its craftsmen, heritage boats, working yachts and pleasure craft are given a new lease of life. During your stay in Brest, come and discover the incredible work of these lovers of navigation and wood.

Chantier du Guip - brest tourisme
Le Guip shipyard in Brest

Le Chantier du Guip

30 years of history in Brest

Founded in 1976 on Île aux Moines and relocated to Brest in 1991, Chantier du Guip originally specialized in the construction and renovation of wooden fishing boats. The company then extended its activities to the restoration of heritage boats, workboats and pleasure yachts. The Brest site can accommodate vessels of up to 100 tons.

A benchmark in marine construction and a symbol of excellence, Chantier du Guip is one of Europe's largest shipyards. It has held the Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant (Living Heritage Company) label since 2008.


a date to remember

1 year earlier, in 1991, the Brest workshops opened for a project that would remain engraved in the city's memory. Chantier du Guip was entrusted with the construction of a sailing ship, a replica of the schooner aviso "Iris". This 41-meter-long vessel from the early 19th century acted as a messenger between a flagship and its satellite ships, transmitting orders, information and mail. She was also responsible for monitoring smuggling, particularly the slave trade.

The replica, named "Recouvrance", was emotionally launched on July 14, 1992, during the first Fêtes Maritimes de Brest. Since then, this sailboat, which has become a symbol of the Ciré du Ponant, has taken hundreds of passengers every year on dream cruises around Brest and the Mer d'Iroise.

La Recouvrance at the Fêtes maritimes de Brest

Did you know?

That same year, Chantier du Guip won first prize in the "Bateaux des Côtes de France" competition.

From forest to sea

a passion for wood

In Brest, 16 passionate craftsmen work every day to respect our heritage and meet the highest standards. Their trades include marine carpenters, cabinetmakers and specialists in onboard technology. More than know-how, it's their love of the sea that guides them. To restore a boat is to plunge back into its past, into the history of its navigation.

Some great names remain engraved in the history of the Chantier du Guip: the Belle Angèle, Notre Dame de Rumengol and the Scottish cutter Seagull have all passed through the expert hands of Le Guip's craftsmen. Le Chantier du Guip was also responsible for restoring the deck of the famous Pen Duick in 2004.

Le Guip shipyard in Brest - tourisme Brest

Did you know?

Here, we work... in charentaises!

Each craftsman has his own pair, which keeps the decks of the boats intact. A special feature of Brest!


le Chantier du Guip

Located in a huge glass hangar in the commercial port, the Chantier du Guip is open to the public. From the Quai Malbert, you can observe the daily work of carpenters, cabinet-makers and technicians.

But the best way to discover the site is to opt for the 45-minute guided tour with the Tourist Office, which takes you into the great hall and lets you soak up both the smell of wood and the atmosphere of the place.

And after your visit to the Chantier du Guip?

Why not take a stroll along the Lapérouse dike, one of Brest's most beautiful photo spots, or go for a drink at the Marina du Château and get a feel for the atmosphere at the end of the day in Brest...

Digue Lapérouse - Marina du Château