Brest harbor view

What to do on a weekend in Brest?

For 2 or 3 days in Brest, visit emblematic sites and take the pulse of the city,
soak up the culture and take to the water! All our ideas for a unique weekend.

Weekend in Brest

relaxation and discovery on the program!

Looking for a few days off and the chance to get away from it all? Head to Brest for the weekend!
(Almost) at the end of the world, discover a city on the move, resolutely turned towards the sea and towards
the future. In just a few hours by TGV, you'll be in the heart of the city. There's not a minute to lose in the
transport system: here, everything is within walking distance!

Tanguy Tower
Tanguy Tower

Brest center,

3h25 from Paris by TGV
  • Discover a deeply maritime city.
  • Soak up the atmosphere, art and culture of Brest.
  • Visit atypical and unique places.
Sailing aboard Loch Monna
Cruise on Loch Monna
paddle at sunset - Tourisme Brest Métropole
Paddle in Brest harbour

Take the plunge!

Water sports in Brest

You've just arrived on the station platform and you can smell the iodine that tingles your nostrils?

That's normal: here, the sea is close by, and you can admire it from the many vantage points in Brest. But what better way to experience the sea... than to dive into it?

Just enough time to drop off your luggage at the hotel, then head for the beach to enjoy a kayak outing, find your balance on a paddle
or take to the open sea on a heritage boat to discover the Brest harbor.

And take advantage of special rates at the Tourist Office!

So romantic!

Come aboard the Recouvrance for a sunset outing. Exceptional light on the horizon, the gentle chop at the end of the day and the freshness of a typically Breton breeze. An experience not to be missed!


at the heart of scientific research

How can you spend a weekend in Brest without planning this must-see visit?

Océanopolis is an XXL-sized discovery center, but above all it's a place for study, reflection and forward-thinking to change the way we look at the oceans. The new Océanolab space, due to open in March 2023, will feature a real-time exhibition of the progress of scientific research within the site itself.

Sharing, sharing knowledge and developing critical thinking skills are among the objectives of this brand-new project.

An exciting experience, not to be missed!

Shark aquarium at Océanopolis
Visit Océanopolis
Admire the works of art at Brest's Musée des Beaux-Arts - tourisme brest
Museum of Fine Arts

Visit Brest's museums

in a weekend!

Take advantage of your stay in Brest to discover its emblematic museums:

  • The Musée National de la Marine, housed in the Château, boasts a unique collection of paintings, objects and figures, reminding us that Brest's history has always been intimately linked to the ocean.
  • The Musée des Beaux-Arts, opened after the Second World War, presents a retrospective of marine painting from the 16th century to the present day.
  • The Fonds Hélène et Édouard Leclerc pour la culture, located in Landerneau, not far from Brest, offers a look at contemporary art in an exceptional setting, with exhibitions by renowned artists.

Did you know?

To make the most of your cultural discoveries in Brest, opt for a guided tour!

Heading for...

unusual places in Brest!

Proof of Brest's creativity and ability to reinvent itself, these unique venues, located on emblematic sites, show just how much value can be placed on the past and history while adopting a vision for the future.

The Ateliers des Capucins and the PAM, located respectively in the former workshops of the French Navy and in a printing works, are third places open to all.

It's the place to play, eat, shop, dance, work and think together about the issues of today and tomorrow, and about solutions for taking better care of ourselves, others and the planet.

Ateliers des Capucins, Place des Machines
Les Ateliers des Capucins
Walking around Brest
Downtown shopping session

Shopping session


National brands, independent boutiques, designer shops, delicatessens and concept stores...

From Jaurès to Siam, the city center is bursting with nuggets to treat yourself or others. In the middle of your
day of sightseeing, treat yourself to an hour or two of shopping and take the pulse of
Brest, its terraces and unique atmosphere.


a city in slow mode!

Streetcar, bike, scooter, bus or even cable car: Brest has a varied range of public transport options to suit everyone. With no need to worry about parking, you can make the most of your stay.

Taste the local gastronomy

It's impossible to leave Brittany without sampling its specialties! Here, the delights of the sea rub shoulders with those of the land, while butter and lichouseries* delight gourmets.

In Brest, you'll fall in love with the Crabe Marteau concept and its signature dish: coastal crab, small ultra-local potatoes and homemade bread, eaten à la bonne franquette on a large wooden table.

Other restaurants, such as Memes Tra and Le Ruffé, are committed to promoting local produce and short distribution channels through authentic, generous cuisine.

*lichouseries = delicacies, sweets

Want to fill your basket with local produce?

Head for the Marché Saint-Louis on Sunday mornings.

In a neighborhood atmosphere, local producers present the best that land and sea have to offer. and the sea. Oysters from the bay, strawberries from Plougastel, extra-fresh crêpes and freshly harvested vegetables... All you need to prepare a real feast!

Eating out in Brest

Festive atmosphere

in sailors' bars

Hold on to the tiller: it's going to get bumpy!

When evening comes, soak up the "Brest mêm'" spirit by pushing open the doors of the sailors' bars. A no-frills atmosphere, where you can talk loudly, laugh, catch up with strangers, meet colleagues after work or friends at the weekend.

Our best addresses: Les 4 vents and Tour du Monde, or "Tourdum" to its friends, the bar owned by the famous sailor Olivier de Kersauzon.

Phare saint mathieu - Eugénie Ragot
Saint Mathieu lighthouse - Eugénie Ragot

A little more time on your hands?

towards pointe Saint-Mathieu

Extending your weekend in Brest? You're in luck!

Move away from the city and head for the Pointe Saint Mathieu, a remarkable site with the air of the end of the world. Here, the lighthouse stands at the heart of the remains of an ancient abbey, on a point that juts out into the ocean.

In the evening, when it lights up the stone, rocks and sea, it's a breathtaking sight. Take the opportunity to stroll along the coastal path and watch the ballet of boats entering and leaving Brest harbor, or treat yourself to an exceptional dinner at Nolwenn Corre's table at Hostellerie de la Pointe.