Shark aquarium at Océanopolis


Océanopolis: a journey to the heart of the oceans

Embark on a unique journey to the heart of one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world! 1000 species, 77 tanks for a must-see visit to Brest.

Océanopolis, a unique tour of the world's oceans!

If we tell you that in the same day, you can go from Antarctica to the turquoise lagoons, or from the coast of Brittany to the Indian Ocean... Welcome to Océanopolis, one of the largest aquariums in France... But that's not all: a true center of discovery and scientific culture, Océanopolis informs and raises awareness about the protection of marine species and their habitats.

Encounter with the calf seal

Around the world of oceans

Over 30 years old, Océanopolis is Brittany's leading tourist attraction. With 10,000 animals of 1,000 species from all over the world, spread over 77 basins, it offers a veritable oceanic voyage around the world.

Stroll through all its pavilions, discovering new things and observing marine species you won't see anywhere else!

Our advice

Allow at least half a day for your visit, but a full day is ideal. And don't wait for it to rain, because that's when the crowds are at their heaviest!

Activities at the minilab in the Brittany pavilion at Océanopolis
Minilab - Océanopolis Discovery Center

Océanopolis: raising awareness of ocean protection

But Océanopolis isn't just about fun and tourism. It is first and foremost an educational center for scientific discovery and culture, the only one of its kind in Europe.

Working closely with major marine science players such as IFREMER, leading marine technology companies and the Iroise Marine Park, Océanopolis' mission is to raise awareness of ocean protection and encourage vocations in this field.

Portrait of a calf - sailor at océanopolis
Brittany Pavilion at Océanopolis

The Brittany Pavilion to discover the richness of our coasts

The journey begins at home... In the Brittany pavilion, you'll be able to observe a range of species, some well-known, others more confidential and rarely seen in aquariums. Will you be mesmerized by the marine dance of the Aurélie jellyfish?

Unique in the world: Abyssbox presents live animals from extremely deep environments, thanks to a technology that maintains a pressure equivalent to a depth of 2,000 metres!

The Océanopolis Tropical Pavilion: a world of colors

You gain a few degrees as you enter this pavilion of a thousand colors. 700 species of fish and invertebrates put on a show in the middle of a coral reef: mandarin fish, blue-spotted rays and children's favorite, the clown fish. And don't miss the thrill of sharks passing overhead!

The fish aquarium in the tropical pavilion at Océanopolis
Tropical pavilion

The Océanopolis Polar Pavilion: a journey into extreme conditions

The polar pavilion takes you straight to the Arctic and Antarctic. Océanopolis is the only aquarium in the world to showcase 3 species of polar seal, and the second to welcome whiskered seals.

And don't forget the "manchotière", where you'll love to linger and watch all these little creatures evolve!

Papuan penguins at Océanopolis
Océanopolis polar pavilion
Close-up of the sea otter at Océanopolis
otter trail at Océanopolis

The otter trail: you'll love it!

It's hard not to melt at their cute faces, their childlike air, the way they move, play and get on each other's backs?

In the otter tank, you'll have the chance to observe the two species present at Océanopolis: the European otter and the North Pacific sea otter, which you won't see in any other aquarium in France.

Go behind the scenes at Océanopolis!

Would you like to experience an exceptional moment at Océanopolis? Take a behind-the-scenes tour or don the boots of one of the park's caretakers for a morning. Unique memories guaranteed!

Practical information to optimize your visit

  • Pick up your ticket at the tourist office, avoid the queue at opening time and benefit from preferential rates
  • Book your ticket online on the Océanopolis website
  • Take bus line 3 directly to the city center 
  • In summer, use the Blue Line, which links all of Brest's tourist attractions.
The path from the tropical pavilion to Océanopolis
The moulin blanc beach in summer
Moulin Blanc Beach

After your visit, end the day at the Moulin Blanc

Extend this wonderful day with a stroll along the beach or the Moulin Blanc Marina, looking at the boats, some of which have sailed around the world, and sitting on a terrace: the marina is one of the best places for a drink with a view of the sea.

Discover marine science and innovation at 70.8

70.8 by Océanopolis is located not far from the Discovery Center, in the Ateliers des Capucins.

Through 6 major themes, 70.8 presents the challenges facing the world's oceans: marine biotechnologies, deep-sea exploration, marine renewable energies...

A great educational and comprehension tool for young and old!

78.8 by Océanopolis at Ateliers des Capucins
70.8 by Océanopolis

Did you know?

Why 70.8? Because that's how much of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans: 70.8%!

How do I get there?

Océanopolis is located near the Moulin Blanc marina. To get there :

  • Bus: Line 3 Lambézellec / Océanopolis via Palaren
  • Car: Free parking available at Océanopolis
  • Train: Brest station 3km away
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