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70.8 Ocean gallery

70.8: Brest ocean gallery

The oceans, spaces with incredible resources and crucial issues for our present and future! 70.8 takes you on an unprecedented journey to the heart of maritime innovation, in the Ateliers des Capucins. A visit you can make on your own or with your family, to change the way you look at the oceans.

70.8 center for technical and scientific culture - Tourisme Brest Métropole
M. Le Gall / Brest métropole

Discover ocean issues at 70.8

Like Océanopolis, 70.8 is a center for technical and scientific culture dedicated to the ocean. Opening in 2020, 70.8 presents maritime innovation in all its aspects, on 3 thematic levels. This unique, interactive tour, for all publics, sums up its vocation in one sentence: sharing knowledge and transmitting emotions to change the way we look at the Ocean.

70.8 is located in the Ateliers des Capucins, a unique site steeped in history in Brest. Originally a convent when it was built in 1695, then a barracks for the Navy, it later housed workshops that accommodated up to 1,800 workers. Destroyed during the war and then rebuilt, the Ateliers des Capucins are now an XXL public square, a recreational, tourist, cultural and economic hub. A must-see on any city trip to Brest!

Les Ateliers des Capucins

Formerly industrial workshops, they are now a majestic third location, home to the 70.8 right next to the Emperor's canoe.

70.8 in the heart of Les Ateliers des Capucins
Les Ateliers des Capucins - Tourism Brest Metropole
70.8 in Brest, discovering the oceans
M. Le Gall / Brest métropole

70.8 to study the ocean and understand it better

The first pavilion showcases the techniques and resources available to scientists to analyze the oceans and their functioning, and predict their evolution in the face of climate change. You'll discover satellite images, explanatory and interactive panels, scale models of measuring instruments, a life-size Argo float and a playlist of ocean sounds.

Oceans 70.8%

Why the name 70.8?

Because it's the percentage of the Earth's surface occupied by oceans: 70.8%. They are at the heart of the environmental and social issues of today and tomorrow!

The ocean, a resource for the future

The ocean is both a goldmine for marine biotechnologies and a fragile space. How can we benefit from its invaluable resources in all fields (health, nutrition, agriculture, materials, energy, cosmetics...) without compromising the balance of the living organisms that inhabit it? The second pavilion of 70.8 presents these issues through several discovery areas. These include a reproduction of a Pacific hydrothermal spring, and new technologies for harnessing renewable marine energies.


The ocean, a sailing territory

The third pavilion of 70.8 deals with the ocean as a navigation and transport space, through the question of maritime routes, the evolution of ports and their adaptation to the evolution of international trade. You'll also discover the "ship of the future " and all the innovations designed to make sailing cleaner, safer and less damaging to the environment. Finally, the icing on the cake: come and learn about ship design by building your own ship!

70.8, ocean sailing territory
build your ship at 70.8 - Tourisme Brest Métropole

Guided tours

Another option (on certain dates only, included in the admission ticket): a guided tour with a 70.8 scientific mediator. An additional insight into the themes addressed, enriching exchanges and an opening onto other ocean themes. Don't forget to book!

Experience your ocean journey in Brest

In July and August, the Parcours Océan City Pass gives you preferential rates for 1 or 2 days to visit Brest' s must-sees, plus unlimited access to the Bibus network.

How do I get there?

70.8 Galerie des océans is located in the heart of the Ateliers des Capucins:

  • Tramway: Les Capucins stop
  • Bus: Line 4 / Les Capucins stop
  • Cable car: Jean Moulin station
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