Minou lighthouse - Eugénie Ragot

Route des Phares from Brest: 5 must-sees

Lighthouses have always fascinated. Take advantage of your stay in Brest to follow the Route des Phares and discover these sentinels of the sea.

The Lighthouse Route from Brest

in 5 steps

North Finistère boasts the highest concentration of lighthouses in the world. These sentinels of the sea
watch over boats entering and leaving ports every day, and especially every night. Their grandeur
and power in the face of the elements intrigues and fascinates. This Lighthouse Route from Brest
offers you a 5-stop itinerary to discover the region's most emblematic lighthouses.



Le Phare du Minou

Direction le lieu le plus instagrammable de Brest ! Le Phare du Petit Minou se situe dans un environnement naturel exceptionnel, sur une pointe rocheuse qui s’avance dans la rade, dominant un fort,
une plage et un spot de surf prisé des Brestois, face à la presqu’île de Crozon. Pour rejoindre le phare, vous marchez littéralement sur l’eau : l’accès se fait par un pont en pierre sous lequel s’écrasent des vagues puissantes. Un moment à vivre intensément !

Read the video on Phare du Minou - Aeroptique - Girwet Productions - Brest Terres Océanes

Did you know?

Before their gradual automation, lighthouses were manned by men and sometimes by women.
Lighthouses were then classified into 3 categories according to the degree of confinement they imposed on their keepers.
" Paradise" refers to lighthouses on the mainland, "Purgatory" to those on an island or
peninsula, and "Hell" to isolated lighthouses in the open sea or on rocky islets.

Alexandre Lamoureux

Saint-Mathieu lighthouse

On the westernmost tip of Brittany, the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse has stood proudly since 1835. What makes it special is that it was built on the ruins of an ancient abbey, on top of which the monks kept a fire to guide sailors to the entrance to the Brest roadstead. Nearby, the semaphore, which
was originally a defense post, now protects the coastline and coordinates rescue missions, regulates maritime traffic and monitors activities at sea.
Want to extend your experience? Lunch or dine at Nolwenn Corre 's excellent Hostellerie de la Pointe: an exceptional voyage of the senses awaits you.

Île Vierge lighthouse

Start your adventure by taking to the water to reach the lighthouse, either in just a few minutes by sea from the port of Aber-Wrac'h, or by kayak. But above all, save your strength for the 383 steps that separate you from the exceptional view over the archipelago!
At 82.5 metres high, the Île Vierge lighthouse is the highest in Europe, and the tallest freestone lighthouse in the world.
And to make the moment even more intense, book your night in the ecogîte, located a stone's throw from the lighthouse, in theformer keeper's house. A night on a secluded island, under the stars, punctuated by the beam that you'll never see so close again. The magic is sure to work!

Emmanuel Berthier

Pontusval lighthouse

A feeling of déjà-vu? That's understandable: the Pontusval lighthouse is probably the most represented in advertisements and other products that evoke Brittany. Here, it's a bit of a local star! Standing at just 18 metres tall, it originally served as a relay between the lighthouses on the Île de Batz and the Île Vierge. In the surrounding area, you'll discover an exceptional environment: the Côte des Légendes with its phantasmagorically shaped rocks, crystal-clear waters that beckon you for a swim, and, if you stay until nightfall, a sunset you'll long remember...

Alexandre Lamoureux

Le Phare du Stiff

To see the oldest lighthouse still in operation in Brittany, you'll need to buy a ticket for the island of Ouessant, departing from Brest or Le Conquet. Built in 1699 by Vauban on the highest point of the island, it stands 92 meters above sea level and offers an exceptional panorama of the ocean. Take advantage of your island getaway to visit the Lighthouses and Beacons Museum, which traces the history of maritime signalling and its men, the "guardians of fire": a fascinating adventure!

Eugénie Ragot
Virgin Island lighthouse - Martin Viezzer
Virgin Island lighthouse - Martin Viezzer

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