The best surf spots in Brest


5 best surf spots in and around Brest

Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced surfer, the Brest region offers some interesting surf spots. Here's our selection of the 5 best!

The 5 best surf spots in and around Brest

Finistère is a land of surfing, and the Brest region is no exception when it comes to surfing. Whether you're just starting out on the board or already have a few sessions under your belt, there's bound to be the perfect spot for you!

Our team went out to test a few waves to bring you this selection of the 5 best surf spots in and around Brest.

The Minou spot in Plouzané

It's the closest spot to the city, where Brest locals gather in the evenings after work. Pointe du Minou takes its name from the lighthouse overlooking the beach. There are 2 possibilities for taking to the water: east or west of the lighthouse. The first is reserved for experienced surfers, while the west side is more popular, especially with surf schools who teach their students.

The currents here are quite strong, and bayes can form: so be careful! If you have a few hours of surfing behind you and you're on a longboard, prefer low tide: the waves are deeper and more powerful.

Convenient: the site is easy to get to thanks to parking, and showers are available all year round.

Surfing near the Phare du Petit Minou
Minou surf spot
Surfing at Blanc Sablons beach
Surfing at Le Conquet

The Blancs Sablons spot in Le Conquet

Before you take to the water, admire the view from this two-kilometer long beach: offshore, Ouessant and Molène stand out on a clear day. Here, you can surf whatever the tide, although the most interesting waves are formed at low or mid-tide.

However, the location of the spot and the presence of offshore islands make conditions difficult in the event of swells to the north: remember to check the marine weather forecast before setting off. You should also avoid surfing to the very north of the beach because of the rocks.

The Penfoul spot in Landunvez

To the north of Porspoder, Penfoul is a 200 m-wide beach, rising inland for around 700 m, and framed by cliffs. In summer, the spot is fairly flat and lends itself more to paddling than surfing, but it can host competitions when the swell starts to come in.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sailor, you'll enjoy a great session whatever the tide.Ideal conditions: an east/southeast wind and a north/northwest swell.

Cloud of moss on the water
Surfing at Penfoul Landunvez
Surfing at La Palue
La Palue beach in Crozon

La Palue spot in Crozon

It's a long way from Brest to reach this spot (a good hour's drive), but it's well worth the detour! It's the most important on the Crozon peninsula. The beach, not easily accessible, is surrounded by cliffs and on the front line for offshore swells.

The waves are powerful (swimming is forbidden) all year round, and are best suited to a discerning public who appreciate being able to tube when the easterly wind digs in. Choose low or mid-tide, but beware: the peaks can move according to the state of the tide.

The Boutrouilles spot in Kerlouan

The waves on this large sandy beach are accessible to beginners and advanced surfers alike. You can ride from mid-rising tide to mid-rising tide, giving you a huge window of opportunity, and the spot lends itself equally well to surfing, longboarding and bodyboarding.

It's also a great spot for paddleboarding at low tide, where you can paddle quietly through the rocky reefs.

Surfing the turquoise rollers
Boutrouilles beach in Kerlouan